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Al Raya Group Company for software solutions and electronic systems automation has a lot of qualitative and specialized projects

in the field of automation and linking them effectively to achieve agility, speed and high quality at work.


Modern technical and scientific qualifications are provided at the service of beneficiaries of the public and private sectors.

Modern technical and scientific qualifications are provided at the service of beneficiaries of the public and private sectors.


The company has essential qualifications that it has used throughout its career in developing businesses effectively.

• High ability to analyze, study and create programs
within the customer’s strategies and requirements.
• Speed in completing operations and projects in a specified time.
• Ease of using the associated programs and mechanisms.
• Examination, operation and development of software and equipment.
• Actual guarantee of services and equipment.

About Us

Who are we?

We are al-Raiya Group Company Ltd., established in 2013, headquartered in Baghdad, specialized in software solutions and electronic automation for systems (administrative / security) in addition to other systems specialized in security fields (cameras, barriers, gates … etc.).
Al-Raya Group Company is a national Iraqi company that owns Iraqi cadres of high levels of scientific and human qualifications for more than 200 employees distributed over all governorates of Iraq. Al Raya Group offers a wide range of solutions and specialized equipment that will provide the customer's aspiration for the privilege:

  • Accuracy
  • Agility in handling work
  • Management and running of business according to the client's requirements


  • Precision
  • Commitment
  • Responsible
  • Positive
  • Honesty
  • Communication
  • Help


We inspire every work the company does for success and continuous improvement through innovation.


Transforming businesses using our pioneering approach, along with modern, safe technology and exceptional services, with a team that truly cares.

What Do We Do?

Mechanism Services
Study and Analysis
Initial study
Description of requirements
  • Learn about the customer’s working system.
  • Identify the problems and violations the customer suffers from.
  • Study the requirements and developments required by the customer.
  • Propose added solutions and apply them to the system.
Workflow Accuracy
  • Flexibility to work without complicating procedures.
  • Ensuring the application of instructions and laws for each user and recipient within the system.
  • Preserving the resources and data for the system and the application in a safe and documented manner.
Operation, Training and Maintenance
  • Training and operation under the supervision of the staff of the al-Raiya Group at reasonable prices according to the client's workload.
  • Maintenance and monitoring of accurate functioning of systems and their components according to future developments.
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